Deep Cleaning Services

These days, hygiene is something you cannot overlook. Keeping the living space sanitary is crucial if you want healthy living conditions. In many cases, surface cleaning is not enough to ensure that. And that’s where Deep Cleaning Services comes in. Deep cleaning is more thorough and meticulous compared to standard cleaning.

But a living space doesn’t need deep cleaning very often, and it costs more compared to a standard one. So, how do you tell when your living space needs a deep cleaning instead of a regular one? How exactly is it different from a standard cleaning pack? We will address these points in this section.

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

People do regular cleaning once every week. The aim is to keep things basic and clean out of the most easy-to-reach places. It includes services like general dusting, cleaning out the trash and cobweb from obvious locations, bathroom cleaning, etc. Regular cleaning is less labor and time intensive. It does not require many specialized tools or chemicals. Deep cleaning is a bit more, let’s say, in-depth. It goes beyond just dusting surfaces and cleaning mirrors. A deep cleaning thoroughly sanitizes a living space or workspace. Deep cleaning will vary depending on the room too. Some rooms need more detailed work than others, as shown below:

1. All Rooms

During a professional deep cleaning service, you can expect to have all the features of regular cleaning. That means both services will clean things like reachable cobwebs, clean mirrors, decorations, window sills, and furniture. You can also expect the floor vacuumed and mopped. Additionally, you will get these with a deep cleaning:

  • Thoroughly sanitized and shined doors, and door frames.
  • Cleaning the ceiling fans and AC vents.
  • Clean out the blinds.
  • Clean the baseboards.
Upstraight Cleaning Service

2. Bathrooms

For the bathroom, the service will professionally sanitize every inch of the area. The floor will get a thorough tile cleaning, and the bath mats- all be vacuumed and cleaned. Countertops and sinks will all receive polished bathroom fixtures and in-depth cleaning.

3. Bedroom and Kitchen

For the bedroom, along with the services mentioned above, you will also get your bed made, and linens changed (you’ll need to provide fresh linen). As for the kitchen, you can expect to see thoroughly cleaned and shiny countertops and the items there. The cabinet fronts and appliances will get a nice cleaning. That’s on the exterior only. We will also sanitize the floor, polish the sink, and clear out the trash.

Deep Cleaning Services
Deep Cleaning Services

4. Additional Services

There are a few additional cleaning services you can get by paying a little extra. We will also clean the interior of your oven, fridge, cabinets, and drawers. The same goes for the interior side of the windows.

When To Get Deep A Cleaning?

A deep cleaning may seem very refreshing, but it is not the typical service for regular maintenance. Deep cleaning takes a lot of time, and frankly, most living spaces do not need one that often. This is the part where many people get confused. To get or not to get the deep cleaning is a classic dilemma indeed.

So here are a few instances where deep cleaning services are in order:

New Place

One of the best times to get a deep cleaning is when you move to a new home. You’d never know what filth was in that new place, and with deep cleaning services, you’ll never have to find out. It’s a fresh start for everybody.
There’s also a move-out cleaning service that you could get for your previous home. It gives the new people a fresh start.

Yearly Cleaning

Regardless of whether you have a regular cleaner or not, it’s usually better to get a professional cleaning appointment done at least once a year. It doesn’t have to be at a specific time, but most people tend to get one before large-scale family events.

Why Should You Consider Us?

For us, cleaning is an art, a craft we are trying to perfect. In that regard, we make sure to stay updated with the latest technology. We use every bit of our dedication to research and select the most optimal products for any given cleaning appointment. We look beyond the colorful cleaning solutions and floral-scented products and use products that truly do the job. Of course, scientifically proven cleaning techniques and products are not the only thing we bring to the table. We also have the skills to utilize the full potential of said products. So, contact us now to get started.