Our Standard Cleaning Checklist is composed of 40 points and it’s designed to be as thorough as it gets! Every corner, nook, and cranny is checked to make sure that you receive a thorough and effective cleaning by the Upstraight Cleaning experts.

All appointments booked without Extras are Standard Cleanings.

standard cleaning checklist


    • Clean kitchen appliances.
    • Tables/bar tops/chairs.
    • Shiny Countertops & backsplash.
    • Sink
    • Empty trash.
    • Clean kitchen cabinets (fingerprints).
    • Faucet (if applicable).
    • Cabinet Fixtures.
    • Vacuum (if applicable).
    • Load dishwasher (if applicable).


      • Clean shower and bathtub.
      • Deep clean toilets.
      • Clean cabinet fixtures.
      • Clean countertops.
      • Cabinet doors.
      • Sink
      • Clean and mop floors.
      • Empty trash.
      • Clean mirror.
      • Faucet.
      • Vacuum (if applicable).
standard cleaning list
bedroom cleaning service


    • Make bed(s).
    • Wipe down lamps.
    • Clean picture frames.
    • Dust exposed surfaces.
    • Vacuum (if applicable).
    • Organize the living space (< 5 Minutes).
    • Clean mirrors (if applicable).
    • Empty trash (if applicable).

All other common areas

    • Arrange cushions.
    • Dust any décor.
    • Wipe down tabletops.
    • Mop (if applicable).
    • Vacuum (if applicable).
    • Load dishwasher (if applicable).
    • Clean mirrors.
    • Basic Organization (< 5 Minutes).
    • Empty trash.
    • General cleaning service.
room cleaning service

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