Be Debris Free With Post-Construction Cleaning

Often the most annoying part of renovating a home is the cleanup process. Most renovations leave a lot of dust, excess materials, and other undesirable messes. It can be quite a chore for anyone to clean after construction unless they have some necessary tools and enough skill to use the said tools with good enough proficiency.

However, people usually do not have those things, or many just feel too lazy to handle them. That’s where post-construction cleanup services come in. Here we will discuss that service in detail.

What is Post-construction Cleaning?

Post-service cleaning deep, thorough cleaning of a renovated living space. It is a very detailed, and meticulous cleaning process and helps remove any traces of undesirables from the site. It will make the space have perfect living conditions by the end.

That said, post-construction cleaning is a multi-faceted process, so it takes a lot of time. It also requires a high skill margin from the cleaners. The construction workers usually leave the work site with a proper mess, dust, woodchips, metal bits, nails, and all kinds of hazardous things litter such places. But still, the total cleanup process will be much faster if professional cleaners deal with it.

Post-Construction Cleaning Stages

Any post-construction cleanup is divided into multiple stages to ensure meticulousness and safety.
Here’s how the process usually goes:

1. Initial Cleaning

The first step is the rudimentary cleaning stage. It happens right after the construction and renovation work is done. Someone from the cleaning crew can start the process before the construction fully ends, provided the construction workers cooperate.

In this stage, the cleaning crew will start by scrubbing everything down to remove the obvious dust, dirt, paint, and other mess. The cleaning crew will remove all the debris, both large and small. Afterward, the whole place will get vacuumed.

2. Room-specific Cleaning

The second step is cleaning the rooms that serve special purposes. Restrooms, kitchens, and any other special room fall in this category. Such rooms usually need a separate set of tools and special equipment to clean thoroughly.

These living spaces also tend to have lots of additional furniture, such as cabinets, counters, sinks, tubs, and so on. The cleaning crew will clean all these accordingly.

3. Wrap-up

The final phase of the cleaning involves doing touch-ups to the previously cleaned room. There is often hidden dust, or dirt that may skip the crews' notice, or be left on purpose due to the difficulty. The last step is when the crew can deal with these hard-to-reach places to clean.

The professional cleaners will also clean up the debris on the outside. They also take care to let things like caulk, paint, and wet concrete set properly before doing their work.

Post-construction Cleaning Specifics

From a post-construction cleaning service, you can expect the following things

  • Will remove any cobwebs, surface dust, and debris
  • Will remove paint stains, chemical stains
  • Clean the Ceiling fans, baseboards, and windows
  • Vacuum all Vacuumable surfaces,
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Clean the bathroom, floor, sink, and cupboards.
  • Sanitize the surfaces
  • Remove mildew, stains, and scum

Why is Professional Post-construction Cleaning a Good Idea?

There are several reasons why it is better to hire expert cleaners for post-construction cleaning rather than trying DIY.

Professionals are much better, faster, and more efficient in their field than anyone trying DIY. No matter how good you are as a handyman, there are always some tools of the trade that the average consumer does not have.

That, coupled with years of experience and higher skills, makes professionals work much faster than regular people. That saves time and energy for everyone.

It is usually cheaper to hire a professional than try to do things DIY. The cost of proper cleaning equipment can easily cost you more than what you’d need to pay for professional service if you consider the cost of your own labor.

A proper cleaning crew will also help you recycle excess materials like wood, drywall, and other things. Many materials are also good for recycling or upcycling. It can take you hours to find and transport these things to specific recycling facilities, but cleanup crews can do it for you.

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