How Clean In Your House

6 Hardest Things To Clean In Your House

When it comes to home maintenance, cleaning is a crucial step for all. Starting from your daily cleaning needs to weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning all are vital. This allows your home to retain the warmth and hygiene that we all need. Many times, this task of cleaning can become very difficult. In this article, we will go through the top 6 hardest things to clean in your house. If you struggle with cleaning around your home, chances are you’re doing it wrong. With the right tools and techniques, cleaning can become significantly easier. That is why you need to learn more about cleaning before you start doing it. Otherwise, all your efforts and energy might go in vain. So, let’s dive right into it.  

6 Hardest Things To Clean In Your House

If you are a new homeowner who is wondering about home maintenance, cleaning around can seem hard for you. Naturally, you may be wondering about the hardest things to clean in your house. An upside to this is that the hardest things to clean can become much easier if you have the right guidelines. So, here are the 6 hardest things to clean in your house, as follows.  

Greasy Stovetop

A greasy, messy stovetop can become your nightmare if you are unfamiliar with how to clean it. If the grease and mess are left out for a long time, cleaning the stove top will become harder for you. This may create stains, the formation of molds, and even discoloration. Ultimately, it becomes one of the hardest things to clean in your home. According to experts, the best way to clean your greasy stove top is soon after. As soon as you are done cooking or working, make sure not to wait. Leaving it for later can worsen the situation. The best way to clean up the mess is by using a microfiber cloth. Make sure to use warm water with soap or washing detergent to clean the place. This will get you the best results.

Area Under The Bed

Brooming and mopping around the home might be a daily chore for you. But when it comes to cleaning under the bed, many of us are often forgetful. When we leave the place unattended and uncleaned for a long time, it can soon turn into a breeding ground for dust and bacteria. Often, this may even harm the woodwork or frame around your bed. That is why homeowners must attend to the area under their beds. Cleaning this place regularly might be difficult. But make sure that you are cleaning it at least once or twice a week. Use a thin dust mop fitted with a microfiber cover to get the best cleaning. This will reduce your difficulty. The cleaning process becomes easier and more effective this way.

Home Bathrooms

Let’s face it- cleaning bathrooms is almost always difficult and draining. You need to check for proper tools, drainage systems, and methods of cleaning. Otherwise, if you do not clean the place thoroughly, you might end up in a worse situation. Harmful bacteria, germs, and stinky odor can be detrimental to everyone’s health. Arguably, cleaning bathrooms and toilets is one of the hardest places to clean in your home. So, homeowners must know about the right guidelines. Make sure to ask for expert opinions instead of DIY shortcuts. It is also important to use the right cleaning products, like bleaching powder, toilet cleaner, scrubbing brushes, etc. This will ease up the process.


Dishwashers can be a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning your dirty dish and plates. But cleaning the dishwasher itself can be a challenge for you. When the dishwasher starts to smell, it is probably because small food particles are stuck inside. This requires you to clean the dishwasher immediately. Leaving it for later can create both cleaning and hygiene problems for you. The best thing to do to prevent this situation from arising is pretty simple. Make sure to scrape off food and leftovers from your plate before you put them in the dishwasher. To clean the dishwasher, run the “rinse and hold” cycle in your dishwasher settings. You must avoid sticking or poking sticks aimlessly in the dishwasher. In adverse cases, ask for expert assistance.

Food-Splattered Microwave

Another difficult thing to clean in your home following the dishwasher is the microwave. Often, eating or cooking food in the microwave costs you to clean it afterward. Because, the food particles, sauce, or cheese can splatter everywhere inside the microwave. If you do not clean it immediately, the food will burn every time you operate the microwave. Ultimately, you will be left with food stains and burnt food products that are hard to scrape off. So, cleaning the food-splattered microwave is vital for homeowners. The thing to do is immediately clean the microwave with a microfiber cloth and liquid soap. If the food sets down, heat a cup of water inside the microwave. This will soften the food and help you clean it.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets store all our necessary tools. Starting from plates to use daily, to old pots and pans, we keep everything inside it. As a result, cleaning the kitchen cabinets from time to time is so vital for us. Otherwise, it can soon become a breeding ground for cockroaches, lizards, and other insects. This can soon hinder the hygiene and health of your home as a whole. Cleaning kitchen cabinets is undoubtedly difficult. You can spray the surface with detergent water or cleaning solutions to make the process easier. Use a sponge to scrape off gunk, dirt, or debris. It is also important to cover the pots and pans that you store in the cabinets. You can use naphthalene to make sure the place stays safe. If necessary, ask for expert help.  

How Often Should You Clean Around In Your House

Cleaning in your home can depend on multiple elements. There are some cleaning works that you should carry out daily. On the other hand, some cleaning jobs need to be done on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. However, it is important to note that the cleaning needs may vary from one home to the other. If some part of your home needs cleaning immediately, you must not leave it out. Depending on their priority, you should clean around your house. In case you are unsure about when to clean, the following table can help you understand more.
Cleaning Time What To Clean
Daily Vacuum carpets, clean the dishes and table tops
Weekly Wash floors, do laundry, dust furniture, change bed sheets, scrub toilets
Bi-monthly Deep clean appliances, arrange wardrobe, clean inside of furniture
Monthly Clean air vents, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and windows.
  Seasonal (Every 3-4 months) Cleaning the oven, dishwasher, dryer vent. Wash duvet insert or comforter. Launder bed pillows. Wash range hood filters. Dust ceilings and walls
Bi-Annual Clean gutters (spring and fall), HVAC servicing (summer and winter), Deep cleaning closets, launder furniture slipcovers. Dusting books and deep-cleaning bookcases.  
Annual Fireplace cleaning, checking and inspecting the chimney, draining sediments from the water heater, steam cleaning carpets, and furniture.


Cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining your home. It allows you to ensure the quality and usefulness of many things in your house. By knowing about the 6 hardest things to clean in your home, you can clean them effectively. If you have any queries about cleaning your house, make sure to contact us.