Bathroom Yellow Stains

How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Yellow Stains?

Nothing is quite as disgusting as having a dirty bathroom. Bathroom yellow stains are one of the hardest to remove. But, if you know the right way to do it, it isn’t that much of a pain.

So, this guide will be all about how to get rid off bathroom yellow stains. We’ll give you a complete in-depth guide on what DIY methods you can use and the right way to use them for cleaning.

Trusted DIY Cleaning Methods

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, there are tons of things you can do. We rounded up the best tips and cleaning solutions to help you get rid of bathroom stains.

While there are tons of cleaning products out there, you can try DIY-ing it. These solutions can be made right at home.

And the best part is, they work just fine, even compared to products you may buy from the supermarket.

Good Old Vinegar

Vinegar has cleaning superpowers. If you use it right, it can clean stains off your bathroom and a lot of other things as well. But for this guide, we’ll stick to cleaning bathroom yellow stains.

You can mix vinegar, baking soda, and water to create a brilliant cleaning solution right at home. Mix these three and then put it in a spray bottle.

Spray directly on the spots and stains. Now, let it sit there for a minute or so. Then just swipe with a cloth. Vinegar works great for yellow stains.

Cooking Oil

Yep, you read that right. Cooking oil can help get rid of stubborn stains that are stuck. Oil doesn’t mix with dirt. So, it kind of acts as a carrier. And will remove the dirt from the surface by making it less sticky.

You’ll need to apply a bit of oil directly on the dirt itself. As always, let it sit for a while to work its magic. And then wipe the surface.

There’s something you need to keep in mind, though. You should always use a cleaning solution or soap to remove the oil stains after. Otherwise, you might end up with oil stains on your bathroom walls. There is no point in creating a new problem after solving one.

Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

Another super effective solution is using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. It works great for any kind of tough black or red stain. A bit of warning, though. You should always avoid using it on acrylic surfaces like tubs. It might scratch it.

You’ll need two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two into a fine paste. And voila! Your cleaning solution is now ready.

Now spread the paste on the stain and let it rest for 30 minutes at least. This will let the paste penetrate deep and make it easy to remove the stain. Then just get a brush or sponge to scrub the stain off. After the stain is off, you’ll need to rinse the area with warm water to finish it off.


Salt not only makes it easier to clean an area, but it also kills bacteria. So, you get a two-for-one here. Wet the surface and leave some salt over the stain. The only downside Bathroom yellow stains to salt is that you need to let it sit for a while.

At least 30 minutes is the minimum. But if you want the best result, we recommend letting it sit for at least one hour. After you let it sit for 1 hour, then just wash it away with water. You should also scrub the surface to ensure any kind of stains aren’t left behind. Salt solutions work great for this.

Getting Rid Of Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are the most common nuisance in any bathroom. And that’s why we get these kinds of requests the most. The good news is that there are effective ways you can deal with hard water stains.

A high-quality professional cleaning service can also help you. One benefit of going with a professional is experience and knowledge. They know what kind of cleaning process and products work best for stains. And they can also ensure that all your bathroom fixtures aren’t damaged either.

If you’re dealing with hard water stains, vinegar solutions can do the trick here as well. But you might need to tweak the process a bit depending on what you’re cleaning in the first place. Let’s start by removing stains from glass.

Removing Hard Water Stains From Sinks

A common place for hard water stains is in the sink. But a good old water and vinegar mixture can help you get rid of it.

Make sure it touches the stained areas. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Scrub the affected areas and then rise and buff.  Repeat till the stains are completely gone. You can also use vinegar and a toothbrush to clean it to prevent any mineral buildup.

Removing Hard Water Stains From Toilet

You can use specific chemicals that are designed for hard water. But a homemade solution can be pretty effective as well.

Step 1: Pour one cup of vinegar and pour it inside the toilet bowl. Make sure to pour it around evenly and cover the stains.

Step 2: Get a toilet brush to swish it around. Then let it sit for at least 1 minute.

Step 3: Add a cup of baking soda and more vinegar over it. You should see the mixture start to fizz. This mixture needs to sit for at least 10 minutes.

Step 4: You need to repeat step 2. Swish it around and make sure to get all the stains as well. Get your toilet cleaning brush and stir it around the stains and also rub the stains. Let it sit for 30 minutes now.

Step 5: Check whether there are any stains left. If there are, simply scrub the toilet again and you should be all done.

Step 6: Finally, flush the toilet and see how clean it is. If you still see some remaining stains, you can repeat the process.

Cleaning Safety Measures

If you’re using other chemicals from the store, you should always follow safety guidelines. This will ensure that you don’t harm yourself.

A lot of these cleaning solutions you find in stores can have harsh chemicals. That’s why the right safety measures are important. You don’t need to do anything ridiculous like putting on a hazmat suit.

Use Gloves

Always make sure you use gloves for cleaning. That’ll keep your hands safe from the chemicals and will also protect your skin. If you clean your bathroom regularly, then this bit is a must. It doesn’t take that much time to put on a pair of gloves. And your hands will thank you for it.

Have Proper Ventilation

Open up all the windows and vents in your bathroom. The goal here is to make the area as ventilated as possible. Inhaling the fumes is the last thing you want to do. It can be very unpleasant and harmful.

Always Test A Small Area First

When buying and using cleaning products, you should always do some research and read the labels. Apart from that, test it on a small area before you do the main cleaning. Otherwise, if it leaves any marks or damages your bathroom tiles, you’ll be able to avoid it.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now you know all about how to get rid off bathroom stains. There are perfectly effective DIY methods. But if you’re looking for a professional cleaning service like Upstraight Cleaning is your go-to. We provide expert cleaning services with years of experience under our belt.

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