How Professional Cleaning Services Can Improve Workplace Productivity?

One-third of your employee’s lives are spent at their workplace. Imagine, if this place is not clean and well-kept, how will it affect their productivity? Undoubtedly, it will have a negative effect. There are many benefits to keeping your workplace clean and safe.

However, the problem many businesses face is finding the right cleaning services. Or they try to do all the cleaning and maintenance in-house, which can backfire horribly. That is why working with professional cleaning services can save time and money and boost employee morale and performance.

13 Ways a Professional Cleaning Service Can Improve Your Workplace Productivity

There is a very apparent similarity between all the big corporate offices. All of their facilities are well-maintained and, most importantly, clean. Having clean offices can improve your employee morale and boost your workplace productivity.

There are tons of benefits to using professional cleaning services for your workplace. In addition, working with a professional cleaning service lets you offload menial tasks from your hands. Which means you and your team can focus on important business operations.

Healthier Work Environment

A healthier work environment is a safer and more productive work environment. A typical workplace has people going in and out of it hundreds of times daily. If these offices are not cleaned properly, your employees can become sick from all the germs.

We use a specific term for areas that are touched the most. Things like door knobs, elevator buttons, computers, telephones, and similar commonly used items are called hot spots. These areas can harbor tons of germs.

And germs mean the potential of an employee getting sick. If your employees are sick and on leave, it will hurt your bottom line. They might need to take time off work to recover. Moreover, if the condition worsens, they might need to be hospitalized. Therefore, keeping hot spot areas clean is very important.

Professional Cleaning Services Are Much Safer

Cleaning services employ and train qualified personnel to do the work. This means they know how to get a squeaky clean, and bacteria-free office without hindering workflow.

More importantly, they will get the job done correctly since they are certified. As a result, you can stay worry-free, knowing that your office will be germ-free and your employees will be happy and productive.

Improves Employee Productivity

Speaking of which, having a clean office also increases employee productivity. A clean office eliminates any distractions in the workplace and improves mood. This has quite a significant effect on your employee’s productivity.

An unclean office also introduces unforeseen challenges. Employees might be trying to find something they have misplaced. Only to then realize it is much harder to find anything because the workplace is messy.

Sure, employees can keep the office clean and organized themselves. However, if they are always cleaning and organizing desks, it reduces their productivity. In other words, their efforts can be better utilized elsewhere than doing tedious busy work.

Reduces Sick Leaves

A dirty environment can harbor a lot of diseases. The last thing you want is employees getting sick at the office. In addition, if it is something contagious, one employee can spread it to others.

As a result, you will have employees call in sick, which will reduce the productivity of your workforce. If you have a clean and safe workplace, you can ensure employees do not fall sick. Therefore, they will take fewer sick days and increase your company’s productivity.

Reduces Employee Stress

A clean office can also help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the workplace. A stress-free work environment will increase productivity and morale. It is no secret that a clean and well-kept environment can calm you down.

Of course, you can do many other things to reduce your employees’ stress levels. For example, you can encourage open communication, allow employees to take breaks, and even offer mental and physical care facilities.

In addition to all of the above, a healthy and clean environment is another thing you can provide to reduce employee stress levels and improve productivity quickly.

Gives Your Employees a Creative Boost

Because a clean workplace is less distracting, your team’s creativity can also see a big boost. This will allow your teams to develop better solutions to business problems and ensure the company can stay competitive in this hyper-competitive business landscape.

Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from various companies every minute. You need to allow your team to think creatively to stand out from the crowd.

Creativity solves business problems. And the cleaner and more distraction-free your workplace is, the more focused work your employees can do. It is as simple as that.

Improves Employee Retention

At first, it might not be completely clear how a clean environment can help employee retention. But having a clean workplace can certainly impact it. Many employees might get frustrated working in an unclean or unkept workplace.

Some could even be embarrassed to work in a dirty place. Frustration and high-stress levels could lead to employees quitting, costing your company a lot. Hiring and training new employees can be very costly to businesses too.

By hiring a trained and professional cleaning service instead, you can ensure that the workplace remains clean. And that your employees are proud of working there and not frustrated. Which will increase employee retention. High employee retention will also increase the goodwill of your corporate culture. As a result, you can easily attract more top talent.

Reduces Employee Absenteeism

A clean workplace can motivate employees to do their best work. They will not be distracted or put off work when in the office. Therefore, if you have an on-site work culture, you will see more and more employees come into the office and work because they enjoy being on the premises.

Therefore, a cleaner workplace can reduce employee absenteeism. Your company’s teamwork will improve, and employees will be more productive overall. Of course, since your employees will not get sick as often, they will not need to take as many sick leaves either. This also reduces absenteeism.

Displays Professionalism

There is no denying that a clean workplace displays professionalism. Picture this; you went to an office to hear a pitch. What will your impression be if the office is dirty and unclean? It will give you a very negative first impression.

They may be perfectly capable of doing the work; however, since your first impression was bad, you might still hesitate to work with them. The same goes for your business. A clean and safe workplace will give your clients a professional and sincere vibe about your business and competency. And that could be the difference between landing that client or not.

Saves You Time and Money

If you have searched for ‘cleaning service near me’, you are already one step closer to saving money. Professional cleaning service companies hire highly-skilled workers. Moreover, they train them further to match their standards. In short, they do the job right.

Working with a high-quality cleaning service can save you money since they are experienced and do not need to be trained either. Moreover, they will already have all the necessary equipment to do the job properly.

You could operate a whole ‘cleaning department’ or hire many janitors to maintain the workplace. In this case, you must also employ a workforce to manage them. You will need to ensure they are doing their job right.

You might still be unsure whether they are doing their job right. You do not need to worry about any of these with a cleaning service. They have been in the business for so long and know how to properly clean a workplace. This allows you to focus on work that can help your business grow.

Keeps Your Facilities Well Maintained

Cleaning service companies also help keep all your office equipment and premises well-maintained. They know what needs to be cleaned regularly, what can be cleaned weekly, and what can be cleaned monthly.

Professionals will also understand how to clean different office equipment without damaging it. Moreover, your equipment will also last longer since your office is clean and safe.

It is Better for the Environment

A professional cleaning company will use industry-standard tools and processes. These will comply with local laws and are likely to be more environmentally friendly. If your brand focuses on eco-friendly messaging, this will align with branding really well.

Living your brand values is one of the best ways to ensure that your customers and employees buy into your branding.

More Choices and Customizations

Not all businesses are the same. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that their cleaning requirements will not be the same either. If you hire a professional cleaning service, you can pick the one that is specialized in a particular type of cleaning according to your needs.

Training staff and procuring the equipment could take a long time if you have a very specific cleaning requirement. This time could have been better utilized in optimizing other business processes.


Factors to Look For When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

There are tons of professional cleaning services out there. However, not all of them are the same. If you have never worked with a cleaning company, here are the important factors to consider.


One of the easiest factors to consider and ensure that you hire a good cleaning company is to look at their reputation. Highly reputed companies understand the value of good service. A good reputation means they have consistently provided high-quality services to other businesses.

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing others who have worked with this company were satisfied. A well-reputed professional cleaning company will have plenty of customer reviews and testimonials. Moreover, you can also ask around people in your industry to know whether they know any good ones.

The Cleaning Services They Provide

Of course, you would want to work with a company that provides your desired services. Check out their service page, or talk to a customer support agent to understand their services.

It is also important to know what their specialty is. If you run a specific business with lots of sensitive machinery or equipment, you would not want just anyone handling and cleaning them.

Professional Grade Equipment

Here is a little secret. Any cleaning company that calls themselves professional will bring their equipment. Check whether your cleaning company will bring the equipment themselves or not.

If not, then you need to inquire about that. In this case, you should also negotiate the quote they give even more since you will also be paying for the equipment.

Transparent Estimate Costs and Quotes

Check to see whether or not they provide an on-site quote. On-site quotes are the best way to get a close estimate of the final costs. Many cleaning companies give free quotes over the phone too.

However, nothing beats on-site inspection. This way, there will not be any surprises. The cleaning company can inspect the premises in person, which will help them give you a more accurate quote.

Also, it is important to see how transparent they are in their quotes. Any kind of hidden fees is a big red flag.

They Are Insured

Also, make sure the cleaning company you go with is insured. Insurance will give you that extra peace of mind. Accidents can happen. And your office is filled with valuable and perhaps even highly confidential things.

If equipment gets damaged, you can be worry-free since the company is insured. Therefore a cleaner’s insurance is non-negotiable when choosing a professional cleaning company.


Wrapping Up

A clean workplace is a productive and healthy workplace. There is no doubt about that. We at Upstraight Cleaning Services provide high-quality cleaning services in Georgia. Thanks to our highly-trained professionals, your employees can work without worrying about their workplace cleanliness and safety.

So, book an appointment today to take advantage of our industry-leading cleaning services. Our professional cleaning services have been designed to provide you with the highest level of cleanliness and satisfaction.